Tools Warehouse Europe is a central wholesale warehouse In Europe​ of more than 3000 tools which include: power tools, hand tools, air tools, automotive tools, hardware, and much more. We represent Thorvik, Ombra, and Jonnesway brands. Contact us and we will fulfill your order within 48 hours.


We offer a great opportunity for your business

• If you think you can develop business of hand tools and be an exclusive distributor for your country – contact us and we shall discuss the opportunity to work together;
• If you face problems while making orders of hand tools from Asia because of the big MOQ – let us help you, we accept small orders;
• If there are long delivery terms for the tools you want to order – let us help you, we deliver fast from the stock in Europe as the tools are already imported in the EU;
• If you are not from the EU – no problem, we have a warehouse without EU taxes and duties (duty-free) in the customs area, you will be able to import yourself;
• If you are engaged in e-commerce and need the right supplier of hand tools – we can offer a drop shipping – contact us and we shall discuss the opportunity to work together;
• If you are a big retail net – we can offer you special and stable supply conditions for your business;
• Hand tools that we offer are made in different factories in Asia. Manufacturers are carefully selected because they produce only high-quality tools, so we can share our experience and offer hand tools of great quality to you;
• You need a wide range of quality hand tools for a reasonable price – we can offer you several thousands of articles directly from our stock in Europe;
• Do you want to start your own hand tool business? Contact us and let us take an advantage of great opportunities in tool business;

Let us help you with the quality hand tools as we can become your main supplier in Europe !!!

Use us - as the main source for quality hand tools in Europe

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